Happy, Hokulani and Hau’oli

Welcome to the re-designed Happy Haleiwa Blog. To launch the new blog, we wanted to tell you about our different Happy Haleiwa Characters.

Left to Right: Hokulani, Happy, Hau’oli

Happy (aka Happy-chan) – Happy represents everything in Hawaii. She is the leader of the pack. She has fiery red hair and was our original character. She’s the OG of Happy Haleiwa and is full of the Aloha spirit. Happy designs are found at both our store locations – Waikiki and Haleiwa.

Hokulani (aka Hoku-chan) – Hokulani means “heavenly star”. Hoku embodies the North Shore of Oahu. She loves going to the beach. Surfing and paddle boarding are her favorite hobbies. She has orange hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a golden tan. Hoku-chan has a laid back personality. You can find our exclusive Hoku designs at our Haleiwa store.

Hau’oli (aka Hau’oli-chan) – Hau’oli means “happy” or “joy”. Hau’oli embodies the lively cityscapes of Waikiki. She loves to dance hula and is usually pictured with Diamond Head. Hau’oli has light blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a lovely bronze tan. She has a cheerful attitude and a warm smile. You can find our Hau’oli designs at our Waikiki store.

Who is your favorite character? Let us know in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚