Oh Christmas Tree

One of our most favorite Christmas traditions, is decorating the Christmas Tree.  The smell of a fresh Christmas Tree just reminds us of the holiday season, our favorite time of the year.  Choosing the perfect tree is a special process… but because we live in Hawaii, there aren’t very many “Christmas Tree” farms.  Most Christmas Trees get shipped to us in containers, and we head to lots to buy the “perfect” tree.

The tricky part about getting the tree is getting it on the car.  But with some help from the friendly workers, we were able to get it on the car and tie it down. 

We got the tree into the house, and oops it’s a little bit too big for the space, but the bigger the better.  We just have a little extra “Christmas Spirit” this year.  Then the fun part starts… decorating!  

One side of our tree is decorated for our love for Happy Haleiwa. It’s so cute to see Happy, Hau’oli, and Hoku joining in on the Holiday spirit!

The other side is decorated with our collection of Disney mouse ears! We miss going to the Disney parks. We hope we can visit once we are able to travel again. Tell us what’s your favorite Christmas tradition in the comments.  We would love to hear what your family does!

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