Happy Style Spam Musubi

Today we want to share with your our favorite way to make Spam Musubi. Spam Musubi is a favorite dish among locals in Hawaii. It’s perfect for a quick meal.

We like using the less sodium version of Spam as we will later add a teriyaki glaze. It gives it a nice sweet flavor. We like to use Aloha brand Mango Pineapple teriyaki glaze. If you can’t find this particular product where you live, feel free to use your own teriyaki glaze.

We like our spam a little crispy so we fry it at a low temperature until it’s crispy on the outside and a little soft on the inside. However you can fry it to your preferred texture.

Another option is to add some furikake seasoning to your rice to give it more nori flavor.

After frying the spam, add the glaze until the spam slices are nicely coated.

Now you’re ready to assemble! Start with a nice strip of nori on the bottom. We like a lot of nori so we used the mold to measure how large to cut it. However, you can customize to your own taste. Next put the mold on the nori, followed by the rice and last but not least the spam. Remove the mold carefully and wrap the nori around your rice ball and spam. You can use a teeny bit of water to seal the nori.

Tada! It’s all ready to eat! You can wrap them up to save for later or to share with your friends. Let us know if you try it!


Happy Style Spam Musubi

Easy recipe for Hawaii's favorite on the go dish – spam musubi
Course Breakfast, Snack


  • Musubi Mold


  • 1 can Spam (low sodium)
  • 1/3 cup cup Mango Pineapple Teriyaki Glaze (or your favorite teriyaki glaze)
  • 2 cups white rice (cooked)
  • 3 sheets nori
  • furikake (optional)


  • Slice spam evenly into about 8-9 slices (depending on how thick you like it) and fry in a nonstick pan on low heat if you like it with a nice crisp outer texture.
  • While the spam cooks, mix furikake into your cooked rice.
  • After cooking spam, remove the spam from the pan and set aside. In the same pan, add the teriyaki glaze. Add the spam slices back into the pan coat each slice evenly. Remove from glaze and set aside. We like to use a cooling rack or you can use a plate.
  • Start assembling your musubis. Layer in this order – 1. A strip of nori (you can adjust the size to your taste), 2. Musubi mold, 3. Furikake rice, 4. Spam slice.
  • Carefully remove the mold. Wrap the nori around the musubi. You can use a tiny bit of water to help seal the nori.